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      • Pista Ortigara
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      • Rifugio Base malga Campomulo
      • Base malga Campomulo
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      • Rifugio Adriana malga Moline (chiuso il martedì)
      • Adriana malga Moline (chiuso il martedì)
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    snowfun kinderheim

    Tuesday, February 12 SNOW FUN PARK and Ref. Adriana Mga Moline CLOSED After the snowfall this weekend, the SLOPES and the SNOW FUN PARK of Centro Fond …

The Center Bottom Gallium

Paradise for cross-country skiing on the Asiago plateau

Situated onAltopiano dei Sette Comuni, immersed in the peace and quiet of the mountains, the Centro Fondo Gallium is the focal point of many sportsmen and lovers of cross country skiing: with more than 150 km of slopes, which develop along the beautiful landscapes and rich in history, is one of the largest and most important ski centres across Europe.

But the Centro Fondo Gallium is not only a paradise for Nordic skiing. The families can spend a happy day in the snow in the Snow Fun Parkwith trails for snowmobiles, sleds and bobs for children, while snowshoeing enthusiasts can venture with snowshoes to walk to discover the surrounding nature.