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Pista agonistica Tagaloch

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    estate a campomulo

    The summer season has begun and shelters are reopening! Opening of shelters: The Campomulo Base Refuge is open daily The Refuge Adriana Malga Moline i …

Racing Track Tagaloch

Track for matches and training women

Pista AZZURRA-racing very hard

Pista AZZURRA-racing very hard

    • Signage
    • Azzurra
    • difficulties
    • very difficult
    • Length
    • 5 km
    • Time
    • Altitude difference

They are competitive and training track specially built for high level competitions for women. The track was produced by knowing a priori all the technical characteristics of the other runs for the World Cup.

The start and finish of the track Tagaloch are located, as for the track Meimerle, in the center of the ski Stadium. Develops East of the access road to the cross country Center Gallium with steep and long climb, vast flat stretches and difficult descents with tight turns.

It is a very technical track and selective; Here, the winner is the one who knows perfectly downhill skiing and has more "gas" to spend on ascent.

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